Farming Is Possible In 30 Foot Tall Stacks Without Sunlight, Pesticides, Or Soil Thanks To Technology

Population on the earth growing at staggering rate with around 80 million new born every year. Growing population need more land for living. We have different climatic conditions and each climate bring us different type of food.
Our growing needs require more feed and it put all strain on our ... read morefarmland and water supply. Thanks to technology, we can now grow our feed without climatic restrictions, without pesticides or soil.

A new concept created by a company, "AeroFarms" is a revolutionize farming. They’ve created a farming system that allows the leafy greens to be grown without need of sunlight, soil, or pesticides. The completely controlled environment for growing also uses 95% less water and allows for much more intensive farming meaning greater yields.

Its a future of farming. Using this technology and with a reliable power supply anyone can farm anywhere in the world.

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