PHP7 Is Released, Is Claimed To Be Twice As Fast As PHP5.

As per W3Techs, of all the websites in the world whose server side language is known, PHP powers 82.2% of the websites. Of these 82.2%, 80.72% of the websites are using PHP5. PHP5 was released back in 2004 and since then minor releases kept on adding many exciting features to PHP, including support ... read morefor OOP and many other features associated with that. Until recently, the latest stable release version of PHP was 5.6 which was released in mid-2014.

In comparison to PHP 5.6, apps built with PHP7 turn out to be twice as fast in performance and consume 50 per cent less memory

PHP 7 is still in the development phase so don’t use it in production until November when the final version will be released.

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