Time For Indian Women To Shine Globally. @BayAreaConqueredByThreeIndianWomen

There are stories of successful women entrepreneurs emerging in India. There are several others wanting to start their own companies. They would find inspiring, these three women - Yosha Gupta, Trisha Roy, Rituparna Panda, who went to the U.S.A to find their dreams and ultimately vanquished the U... read more.S.A market.

Their success in creating a market in the USA and around the globe has helped them get noticed by 500-Startups, a California-based accelerator. In fact, these startups were handpicked by Dave McClure and his team as businesses that could go global.

** What do you think about women of India? **

From L to R: Yosha Gupta, Trisha Roy, Rituparna Panda

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